Informasi Pendaftaran Beasiswa Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia TA 2023/2024

Oleh: Abd. Rahmat Kadir . 11 Januari 2023 . 17:10:02

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Dear all students of Universitas Negeri Gorontalo: the following is information on registration and selection of the Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia (VDMS) scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year:

VDMS Scholarship Application is open from February 10 to March 10, 2023

Scholarship duration

This scholarship is offered from the second year to the end of study period according to educational standards (eg Bachelor's Degree Program = year 2 - 4), unless the student concerned cannot maintain achievement (GPA < 3.00), is on leave, does not confirm receiving funds and does not submit a report in certain period.

Scholarship application criteria

1st – 3rd year undergraduate students and 1st – 2nd year Diploma III students

Maximum age is 27 years old

Classified as an economically disadvantaged family (as evidenced by the SKTM and or a letter of recommendation from the campus stating the financial condition/economic ability of the student)

GPA ≥ 3.00

Departments: Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal Science, Architecture, Arts and Culture, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Communication, Economics, Education, Engineering, Languages, Management, Forestry, Geography, Health/Medicine, History, Informatics, Statistics, etc. (except Law, Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration, Religion, and Theology)

Actively participated in organizations or in community

Being fluent in English 

Amount and Benefits

The grantee will receive IDR 750.000,- (seven hundred fifty thousand rupiah) which will be transferred to the account every month on the same date (unless that date is on a weekend/holiday)

One-time TOEFL Bonus and Timely-Graduated Bonus

Being entitled to personal capacity building training through a selection process – all of the training costs are borne by the Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia Foundation

Registration Process

The Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia Scholarship application must be done online via You can download the form for the list of required documents when you have completed the online registration. If you are "invited" to the second stage, you must submit the required documents to the Person in Charge at your campus.

Documents Required:

List of required documents (download on the start page of ERS)

Certificate of Financially Deprived (SKTM) or letter of recommendation from the school or campus (signed by the Rector/Dean/Head of Study Program) stating the family's economic condition.

Recent academic transcript or GPA (minimum 3.00)

Official salary slip of parent or guardian, either from a government or private institution. If both parents work, then the student must attach both salary slips, a maximum of 2 (two) last months.

Certificate of employment and income of parents/guardians (for businessman), which is legalized by Urban Village or a statement of employment and income made and signed on a stamp duty of IDR 10.000,-.

Copy of Identity Card (KTP), Student Identity Card (KTM), Family Card (KK)

Copy of the front page of the saving book

Electricity or telephone bill (a maximum of last 2 months)

An essay about self-description (family, study plan, and social activity and achievement), why you deserve this VDMS, your expectation if being a scholarship grantee, and what you will do for the community after receiving the scholarship and graduating from college. (Minimum of 1.5 A4 pages, Font: Times New Roman, size 11, and 1 space).  

The university will send documents to the Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia Foundation Office in Yogyakarta for selection in accordance with the predetermined criteria. If you are selected as a recipient, then you must sign a scholarship agreement between you and the Campus in accordance with the approval and provisions of the Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia Foundation.

For YVDMI Partners, please see the university code in the menu.


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